Written Testimonials

Hear from some of our wonderful patients and how they experienced our staff and our office.

I have been to many dentists over the years. I have crowns and veneers on my front teeth and have had several fillings. I have never once been to a dentist that has left a great impression on me and me actually like them and want to go back. Dr Spurling changed my mind about the dental industry. Finally a good, honest man that has attention to detail and does great work. I snapped a tooth in half and he did a same-day root canal with a post and then fitted me with a new crown. I had several crowns before so I was pretty familiar with the routine. Dr Spurling was a perfectionist and did the work thoroughly and pain free. Take my advice, stop putting up with the crooked or impersonal dentists you’ve been to. Go to Light Touch and Dr Spurling will be the last dentist you ever have to search for!    –Morgan Ruby

I’m not even sure where to begin this review because I can go on and on about how much I absolutely love Light Touch Dental. I hadn’t been to a dentist in a very long time and the times I did, they were not very pleasant. My teeth aren’t in the best shape and I just felt so insecure about them therefore that kept me from going to the dentist all these years. Even though I knew I desperately needed to.Anyways fast forward to when I got the worst toothache ever and since I’m slightly new to Arizona, I used my insurance’s website to find Light Touch Dental.That was the best decision I’ve made thus far.I’ve had 2 appointments so far with them and they both have been great, My first appointment I was extremely nervous but from when Maryann checked me into Vivianna helping get my x-rays done and then Dr. Spurling explaining what my options were, they made me felt so relaxed and at ease.The best part is they never made me feel bad for how bad I let my teeth go. They just helped me in letting me know what I can do to make them better. And now next week Monday, I’ll be going in to get a bridge for some missing teeth I have and I will walk out with a new smile.  – Annelise K.

Dr. Spurling and his team are great. Very professional, thorough, and Dr. spent the time to understand my concerns and goals and to lay out a treatment plan. My wife and I had both used Dr. Spurling in the past before we moved to Scottsdale and my wife and I are happy to make the drive to Mesa after trying other dentists.  – Jim O.

I have been seeing Dr. Spurling for several years. He did a full mouth restoration for me (all crowns). I could not be happier. Not only is Dr. Spurling a top notch dentist, he cares about you as his patient and you can trust him to do what’s necessary. – Paul O.

I saw Dr. Spurling for a crown after I broke my tooth, and I was immediately impressed by him and by Light Touch Dental. From when I first sat in the chair, Dr. Spurling gave me peace of mind by combining technical precision and an obvious mastery of his profession with gentleness and kindness. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying and less stressful trip to the dentist. Dr. Spurling and his assistant x-rayed and measured my teeth to determine the best fit. They utilized a computer program that compared my teeth (and the empty space where my old tooth used to be) to 60,000 other teeth of the same type and found a match that was used to model my new crown. (As you can tell, Dr. Spurling was careful not only to tell me everything he was doing but why he was doing it. I always understood what was happening and never felt in the dark.) Having determined the correct dimensions for the crown, Dr. Spurling fed the information into a machine that carved the new crown in about ten minutes. That’s right. Ten minutes. Before I found Light Touch, I was told that it could take up to two weeks and two trips to the dentist to get my new crown in place and fitted. With Dr. Spurling, I was in and out in an afternoon. Two months later, the crown has given me no problems whatsoever. Light Touch Dental offers the best of modern dentistry—computer modeling to ensure a crown’s fit, for example—with exceptional, warm, and caring chair-side manner. Dr. Spurling himself was phenomenal. It was such a relief to be in the hands of a professional who obviously cares about your comfort and well-being as much as the perfection of his craft. I highly recommend both Light Touch Dental and Dr. Spurling. – Curtis V

Very understanding about special needs – Darlene H.

I would highly recommend Dr. Spurling and his team!! After not going to the dentist for YEARS, I finally plucked the courage and went to Light Touch Dental. That was one of my best decisions. I was extremely nervous when I went for my first appointment but everyone was so sweet and helped me feel at ease. I adore Maryann at the front desk. She has always made sure to follow up with me. Vivianna was great, especially my first time going, when they had to do the X-rays. And Dr. Spurling was amazing as well. He made sure I knew and understood what my options were and also made me feel extremely comfortable. Next week Monday, I will be going in to get a new smile and I cannot be more excited. This is such a life-changing moment for me and I am so thankful for the staff at Light Touch Dental! -Annelise T.

Dr. Spurling and the team at Light Touch are true professionals.  I used Dr. Spurling several years ago when he was at another practice in Mesa and have since moved to Scottsdale.  I had used a few other dentists since then but none that came close to the excellent treatment I get from Dr. Spurling so I am more than willing to travel from North Scottsdale to East Mesa.  The facility is new, clean and modern and the team Dr. Spurling has put together are just as caring, patient, and professional as he is.  I would highly recommend Dr. Spurling for anyone looking for a new dentist or who may not be happy with their current dentist. – Jim. O

The location is easy to find and the atmosphere is relaxing and very clean. The entire staff is friendly. From the moment you walk in the woman behind the desk greets you with a smile and the Assistant, Viviana (I hope I got the spelling correct?) make sure you are comfortable and at ease. Going to the dentist has never been my favorite past time, but my anxiety was washed away by the Dr. and staff at this location. Ask for Dr. Spurling. –Catie E.